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From Quarantine to QStation

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From Quarantine to QStation

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by QStation and Mawland Group

Featuring a dramatic landscape that flows from pristine rainforest to dense native heathland, Sydney’s North Head is a truly unique site where natural history and human history converge. Long after the abundance of seafood first drew Aboriginal people to its shores, North Head’s deep coves, fresh breezes, clean water supply and remoteness from the fledgling colony made it the ideal place for the creation of a quarantine area. The impressive transformation from the sometimes harsh reality of the colonial Quarantine Station to the peaceful accommodation and conference facility known as QStation is a compelling true tale of survival, adaptation and sustainability.

Richly illustrated with more than 200 colour and sepia photographs, From Quarantine to QStation takes readers on an evocative journey through time. Newspaper articles, archaeological research and anecdotes from detainees bring the past to life, while modern preservation and restoration efforts are described in fascinating detail.

About the author

About Mawland Group

The Mawland Group has long believed that the site of the old Quarantine Station, now known as Q Station, is touched by rich human history and spiritual energy, and in fact this land contains some of the best remnants of Indigenous occupation found in Sydney.

Mawland is committed to preserving all aspects of this site, from its fragile populations of flora and fauna and precious traces of early human occupation up through its more recent cultural heritage value. In doing so, our aim is to bring fresh perspectives to the site, enabling new generations to learn from and appreciate both its natural beauty and its history.

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144 pages


193 mmx245 mm, portrait


200+ Colour throughout


Softcover with flaps



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