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The Salt Book

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The Salt Book

Your guide to salting wisely and well, with recipes

“The ability to salt food properly is the single most important skill in cooking.”
— Thomas Keller

What does it mean to salt wisely and well?

In The Salt Book, authors Fritz Gubler and David Glynn offer insight to the world’s most misunderstood mineral.

Advocating a measured, ‘salt wise’ approach to everyday eating, The Salt Book shows us why paying attention to the type of salt we use, and the way in which we use it, can help us create flavourful meals with no expense to our health or wellbeing. With delicious recipes and techniques, The Salt Book will teach you how to make the most of a wide array of salts, all with subtly different flavours to complement a range of different dishes.

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What's Inside
  • Explore the amazing history and culture of salt
  • Discover the latest salt innovations
  • Learn exactly what it means to be “salt wise”
  • Create your personalised “Salt Kitchen” with a range of specialty salts and simple, delicious and healthy recipes
More about the book

Learn to be Salt Wise

From artisan salts to salt innovations, from how to throw a salt tasting to demystifying salt consumption, the Salt Wise chapter puts everything salt in perspective and teaches you how to make the most of this versatile ingredient.

Enter the Salt Kitchen

From making your own salt to cooking the perfect steak, from specialty salts to salty ice cream, the recipes and techniques in The Salt Kitchen chapter range from the practical to the surprising. The Salt Kitchen will enable you to tackle some of the fundamentals of salting—curing, pickling, brining and preserving—as well as how to pair the right salt, in the right amount, with the right dish.

Travel on a Salt Journey

The Story of Salt brings The Salt Book to full circle, taking readers on a journey through the rich, fascinating history of salt from beginnings in Ancient China to modern gastronomy.

About the author

About David Glynn & Fritz Gubler

This book has been a collaboration between Arbon Publishing founder Fritz Gubler, who had the original idea, and David Glynn, author of Great, Grand & Famous Chefs and Their Signature Dishes. David and Fritz worked closely together to develop the unique mixture of recipes and background information, with the aim of providing not just practical information, but a broader cultural context leading to a comprehensive understanding of salt.

About Dr Russell Keast

Dr Russell Keast, Senior Lecturer, Exercise and Nutrition Science, Deakin University – a trained chef and a sensory scientist working in the field of taste and flavour research – also made an important contribution to this book.

Book Details


208 pages


246 mm x 190 mm


Colour throughout


Softcover, with flaps





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