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Waldorf Hysteria

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Waldorf Hysteria

Hotel Manners, Misbehaviours & Minibars

“I’m afraid we’ve abandoned the idea of the topless afternoon tea, so if you wouldn’t mind changing…”
— Basil Fawlty

The famous saying ‘the walls have ears’ comes alive in this quirky book, as we discover that they have eyes too – revealing exactly what goes on behind the closed doors.

A Hotel is a Funny Place…

From eccentric guests to outrageous requests, Waldorf Hysteria explores the unique logic and humour found in the world of hotels. A hotel is a funny place where double rooms have two basins but only one suitcase rack, where hangers have no hooks and where you are paying a fortune and they are calling you a ‘guest’.

Celebrity Spotting

Follow celebrities as they try to escape the limelight by entering incognito, disguised under numerous aliases. Brad Pitt becomes Carl Con Carne, Angelina Jolie is Miss Lollipop and Jennifer Aniston becomes Mrs Smith. Also enjoy the flip side, where media-starved celebrities alert the paparazzi to their presence in a hotel. Luxury hotels, celebrities and paparazzi – a combination that can only result in humorous anecdotes and mayhem!

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Did You Know?

Did You Know…

  • 50 red carpets were laid in front of the Waldorf Astoria’s main entrance for the 1931 opening.
  • The Lobby of George V in Paris is famous for its flowers arrangements as you are greeted by up to 17,000 blooms.
  • At the Lowell New York, the pet room service menu includes filet mignon tartar and organic buffalo marrow bone.
About the Author

About Fritz Gubler

A Swiss-born hotel professional and now permanent resident of Sydney, Fritz Gubler has spent over 25 years working in the hotel industry, and he has used this experience to bring this quirky book to life.

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120 pages


148 mm x 210 mm


100+ Black + White





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